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Caramel Brownies

Finding the ingredients necessary to create your own confectionary treats at home can be tricky. Not at Brookside Sugar Art Supplies! We carry everything you'll need to make almost any candy, and if we don't have it, you can have it special ordered!

Make your own candy with our high-quality ingredients

Interested in cake or cookie decorations? We have those supplies, too!

•   Merkins™ candy wafers

•   Peppermint crunch and toasted coconut

•   Caramel

•   Meringue powder

•   Dry fondant mix

•   Powdered food color

•   AmeriColor™ soft gel paste



You won't find a better one-stop-shop for bakery decoration supplies and ingredients anywhere around. We even have the LARGEST selection of cookie cutters in Tulsa!


Come browse our wide selection at 4306 S Peoria Ave. You'll find the most complete selection of baking and candy supplies at competitive prices to keep your wallet happy.

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Get the hard-to-find candy ingredients in one place!

“Visited all the way from Indiana. Love my new cookie cutters and the friendly tips I received! I will be calling in the future for mail order.”


- Cindy D.

Earn credit towards candy ingredients with your old cookbooks!

•    Candy fillings

•    Glucose and glycerin

•    Paramount™ and isomalt crystals

•    Citric acid

•    Xanthan gum and gum arabic

•    Tragacanth gum

•    Invertase and lecithin